Revival Records created the #carbootvinyl hashtag almost 10 years ago now – our mission, to rescue old vinyl from obscurity and preserve it for ever.

In the early 2000s, we digitised everything from personal booth recorded 78s to entire Jazz collections, and provided quality CD cases with bespoke artwork and an iTunes submission service.

And we also digitised the weird and wonderful from car boots around the country for our own enjoyment. And we continue to do so….

After 2010, it was no longer viable transferring vinyl to digital as a business,¬†with the advent of affordable DIY usb turntables and the like – and that’s a good thing.

But there is still an urgent need to preserve the thousands of obscure vinyl that will never make it to CD. An urgent need, and an absolute pleasure.

That is what we do. And you can follow our adventures right here on the new blog.

Look out for Revival Records CDs coming soon, as well as T-Shirts and second hand vinyl sales.